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Freedom from Shame



SKYLINE PIGEON  by Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Turn me loose from your hands

Let me fly to distant lands

 Over green fields, trees and mountains

Flowers and forest fountains

Home along the lanes of the skyway


 From this dark and lonely room

Projects a shadow cast in gloom

And my eyes are mirrors

Of the world outside

Thinking of the way

That the wind can turn the tide

And these shadows turn

From purple into grey.



For just a Skyline Pigeon

Dreaming of the open

Waiting for the day

He can spread his wings

And fly away again

Fly away Skyline Pigeon fly

Towards the dreams

You’ve left so very far behind.


This is a beautiful poem that speaks and reflects the terrible damage of toxic shame and gossips on a person’s self esteem. When you are dealt a fatal blow below the belt, you just move from ‘this dark and lonely room’ of your depression. You will be trapped in this dungeon ‘that projects a shadow cast in gloom’ for many weeks or months or years.

Recasting your perception is the master-key because ‘my eyes are mirrors of the world outside’. This crucial key is your passport when you are ‘thinking of the way, that the wind can turn the tide’. Ponder on the deeper meaning of this poem and relate it to your present adverse circumstances. More importantly, you need to act and ‘just do it’ in order to fly `towards the dreams, You’ve left so very far behind’.

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Recast Your Negative Perception Towards Shame

“We often feel burdened by what we have suffered or by our perception of others’ cruelty toward us. We may sense that this suffering has broken us in irreparable ways…. We carry these burdens heavily in our hearts, perhaps feeling that the pain has cut so deeply the wound will never heal. This suffering comes to define us. We tell a story about who we are based on what we have suffered…  This gives contours to our sense of self, and we replay the images of what happened in our minds to keep this sense of self alive.”       Catherine Ingram – `Passionate Presence’

Our life is made up of the scars as well as the virtues that we have acquired along our journey through life. Our life is like the body and the shadow. Both features are necessary to make us human. They are like the yin and the yang of life. Our peception matters tremendously in determining the quality of our response to the suffering in our life.

Submitted by Philosaiki

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Gossip’s Nobody’s Friend


My name is Gossip. I have no respect for justice. I maim without killing. I break hearts and ruin lives. I am cunning and malicious and gather strength with age. The more I am quoted the more I am believed. My victims are helpless. They cannot protect themselves against me because I have no name and no face. To track me down is impossible. The harder you try, the more elusive I become. I am nobody’s friend. Once I tarnish a reputation, it is never the same. I topple governments and wreck marriages. I ruin careers and cause sleepless nights, heartaches, and indigestion. I make innocent people cry in their pillows. Even my name hisses. I am called Gossip. I made headlines and headaches. Before you repeat a story, ask yourself: Is it true? Is it harmless? Is it necessary? If it isn’t, don’t repeat it.

Author unknown. Reprinted from “REFLECTIONS” by June Cotner

This wonderful poem gives all of us plenty of food for thought. Most of us are unwittingly drawn into the this vicious vortex of gossips either as active participants or passive listeners who are negatively impacted by such toxic gossips. It takes a really mature person with strong independent judgement to take a neutral stand towards the victim of the gossip. And such a person is rare in our modern society. It is important for us to cultivate an awakened awareness of the mysterious social forces that are pulsating within the heart of our society.

Comments by Philosaiki