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Love is the best way to get rid of your enemies

Love is the best way to get rid of your enemies

`Know Your Enemies’ has always been sound military advice according to Sun Tzu, author of `The Art of War’ as well as almost all military strategists. It is not a bad way to safeguard self-esteem either. All of us have enemy tendencies built right in, waiting to catch us off-guard and pull us down.

Your enemies can be classified into three categories. The first category of enemies consists of those people who seek to destroy you by means of slanders and gossips through poison pen letters and organized smear campaign. These people want to destroy your peace of mind and your reputation. Just ignore them otherwise you fall into their traps¬†and become ¬†paranoid. Don’t engage them. Don’t focus on them. It is like fighting demons from the realms of virtual-reality.

The second group of enemies may include your friends- especially those false friends who believe the gossips and slanders. Luckily this kind of friends will probably abandon you when they perceive that there is more to lose than to gain from your friendship. Let them leave you in peace. The storm may be the best time to clear your compound of dead leaves.

Your third kind of enemy is you yourself. Of the three kinds of enemies, you may become the worst enemy of yourself. Because of your human condition, you may indulge in self-hatred and self-condemnation. This is the worst form of self-destruction because no external enemies can inflict as much damage as you on yourself. Outside enemies can damage your reputation and your social world. But they can’t do any serious damage on your self-esteem and your soul without your permission. It is only when you start to nurture a negative perception towards yourself that the inner rot of your spirit begins. Your negative self-perception is like the army of termites silently and insidiously eating the building pillars of your spirit and your soul without your awareness. Then one fine day you suddenly realize that the whole structure of your life has collapsed!

How you respond to your enemies will determine the outcome of your struggle against the slanders thrown against you. In short, your response is everything!

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