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`You yourself are your own obstacle. Rise above yourself.’            


When one spreads a vicious gossip or slander against another person, it is almost always done in utmost secrecy so as not to invite a libel lawsuit. It is like ambushing the other person from behind so that he or she will have no chance of self- defence. It is like lynching a person in a kangaroo court because the mob will always want to believe the gossips thrown at him or her in secret. Gossips act like termites in attacking buildings. The termites feed voraciously at the wooden components of a building silently and insidiously. You can sense it but you cannot see it or hear it. You only know where the termites have done their jobs when you knock on the surface and the response is a hollow sound. It is the same in human relationships. When a person or friend who has been infected by the vicious virus of gossip or slander, the relationship becomes hollow and meaningless devoid of sincerity and authenticity. The tragedy of the social consequences of vicious gossips is that the innocent ones appear as guilty as the convicted ones. No proof is needed and no explanation is necessary. It is so simple and easy to convict a person based on hearsay.

Now what can the sufferer do to cope with such a helpless situation? Remember that our thoughts- whether positive or negative, are powerful things. Whatever you focus on will grow and expand. A mind is like a computer system. When somebody emails to you a negative message embedded with a malicious virus, you have the option to accept it or to reject it. A gossip whether real or imaginary, has the capacity of a virus to disable and distort your thinking process. Once the email is accepted and opened, the virus will enter our mind and stay dormant until the ripe time appears for it to do its destructive work. The virus may appear harmless because it does its work quietly and insidiously when you are unaware of its presence. So it is important to be aware of its danger as soon as it appears in your mind. It is easy to reject the negative thought or gossip as a dangerous virus. Awareness is essential to recognize the harmful viruses that appear in your mind everyday. It is easy to fight the viruses at the door than to fight them inside the house. Just shut the door and reject the evil thoughts at the door-step.

“Actively plant positive seeds in the garden of your mind and weed out any negatives as soon as they appear. As soon as you are aware of a negative entering your mind, nip it in the bud. ”

Lynda Field, `Ways To Heal Yourself’


  1. this blog, has been refreshing & helping to going through my most difficult time :)) so genuine, so original & trully in every words written…

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